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Let's take a look at the existing Exchange Server Pro organization.

First, a quick review of existing Autodiscover configurations should be performed.

Both commands require a source and a destination filesystem location for the copy operation; the big difference is that with scp, one or both of the locations are on a remote system.

For example, you might use the following cp command: ...which would copy all files in the directory images in user stacy's home directory whose name starts with "image" and ends in ".jpg" into the directory archive in her home directory.

One of the risks during Exchange Server 2013 deployment is that the installation of a new Client Access server may cause certificate warnings to begin appearing in the Outlook client of your end users.

This is similar to the certificate warning issue often seen during Exchange Server 2010 installation, which was caused by the Outlook client making Autodiscover or Exchange Web Services connections to an Exchange server with a self-signed (ie, untrusted by the client) SSL certificate.

You can also specify a remote host as both the source and destination.

For instance, the following command will transfer a file from one remote directory on to another directory on the same server: Keep in mind that all scp transfers have the benefit of being secure: they are encrypted, just like an ssh or sftp session.

This issue can be avoided with a little bit of planning before you deploy the first server.For more on configuring site scope refer to this article: In a migration scenario where new servers are being introduced to the organization, the site scope can be used to avoid having Outlook clients connecting to your new servers for Autodiscover.If you have not configured site scope it is recommended to do so before installing the first Exchange 2013 server.I was able to update Unit 1 with XM.v6.0.30097.161219.1716.bin, and now it reports Firmware Version: XM.v6.0 Build Number: 30097. But when I try to update Unit 2, I get the "Bad firmware update image." error. I also tried XM.v5.6.9.29546.160819.1157and XM.v5.6.5.29033.160515.2119

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